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Level 4 - ISF Customized Video Calibration


Flat panel displays - Level 2 - $225 base price plus options

Front projectors - Level 2 - $300 base price plus options

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Customized Calibration for flat panel displays, high performance digital front projection, rear projection and ISFccc day and night mode capable displays that have unique picture calibration controls and/or the need for customized picture modes for day/night, 3D or black & white film presentation.  This also can include outboard video processors such as the Lumagen Radiance, DVDO Duo and VideoEQPro, which have  advanced video calibration controls for gamma, white balance and color gamut (CMS).

ISF Level 4 calibrations are performed using a color analyzer, various test discs, a high definition video signal pattern generator and CalMAN calibration software.  Accurate light measurements are fundamental to achieving a high quality calibration result.  My colorimeter uses a four-color matrix method profile for your type of video display (DLP, LCD, plasma, LCD with LED back-lighting) derived from a reference level spectroradiometer certified by the manufacturer and SpectraCal's calibration laboratory.

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Description of Services:

  • Check video display to verify image is properly centered on the screen with uniform focus, convergence and geometry
  • Perform pre-calibration evaluation of TV’s image quality based on current picture mode and source settings
  • Check to make sure audio and video set-up options are set correctly for video sources (DVD, Blu-ray and set top boxes)
  • Inspect all cables to ensure that each is in good working order and properly connected between all audio/video devices
  • Select the most suitable picture mode for calibration and fine tune your TV’s main picture controls (back-light, brightness, contrast, color, tint and sharpness) for best image quality, viewing comfort and enjoyment
  • Check and adjust other 'advanced' picture controls for picture size, format, noise reduction, motion, clarity and color
  • Measure and determine best presets for gamma, color space and color gamut
  • Measure and calibrate video display's color temperature using 2-point white balance controls to improve color accuracy
  • Copy picture adjustments to other inputs used on your display and verify settings are correct for those input sources
  • Demonstrate improvements in picture quality with reference DVDs, Blu-ray discs and HDTV programming
  • Create pre- and post-video calibration report (PDF) and calibrated settings for display and sources (Excel file)
  • Make suggestions and discuss options for further enhancing picture and sound quality

Customized Video Calibration Options include:

  • Calibrate color temperature to D6500 video standard - multi-point adjustment - $25 per picture mode
  • Color Gamut / Color Space analysis and Color Management System (CMS) calibration - $25 per picture mode
  • Additional picture modes for day/night viewing, sports or gaming mode - Level 1 - $25, Level 2 - $50, Level 3 - $125
  • Front projector - multi-point white balance and gamma luminance curve calibration - $100
  • Create D5400 calibrated color temperature setting for Black & White film presentation - $50 per picture mode
  • Separate calibration of 3D picture mode using lens-based color analyzer and 3D-capable video pattern generator - $50 per picture mode
  • Calibration using outboard video processors such as Radiance, DVDO and VideoEQPro - call for quote

Audio calibration services and fees:

  • For surround sound receivers with Audyssey Multi-EQ or similar auto setup function, audio calibration with supplied microphone - $75
  • Verify that surround sound receiver’s settings are correct; test and balance surround sound speaker playback levels and synchronize sound arrival times using manual set-up mode - 25$ if added to auto setup, $150 for complete manual mode set-up and calibration
  • Home theater audio calibration including multi-channel loudspeaker tests for correct polarity, playback level, time synchronization, reverb decay time, early reflection and ambient noise analysis as well as subwoofer and system frequency response tuning - $250

Attuned Services offers the following types of package deals, discounts and referral incentives:

  • 15% package price discount for any combination of video and audio calibration
  • 15% discount for existing customers for new video display first calibrations
  • 50% discount for subsequent calibration of same home theater or video display
  • 15% total discount for two new displays calibrated in same location on same day
  • $25 cash reward program for each referral by a customer that results in new calibration and/or consultation services customers.

Most level 4 calibration sessions take five to six hours to perform.  Video display testing and fine-tuning is best done when the room can be made as dark as possible, either through various light control measures such as closing blinds and drapes or performing the calibration during evening hours. I will always do my best to accommodate your work and personal schedule. Your TV should be on for at least one to two hours before I arrive and remote controls for your video display and source components must be available with extra batteries, if needed.