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Overview of Video Calibration Services


We offer four levels of ISF video calibration services to suit your budget and viewing requirements for flat panels and projectors.

Professional ISF-certified calibration optimizes your HDTV’s picture settings to match your room and viewing habits while reducing energy usage and extending the life of your TV. A properly calibrated picture reveals the full detail in the darkest parts of a movie or the brightest parts of an outdoor sporting event. Nature programming will have vibrant, lifelike colors, your favorite team’s uniforms will look like the real deal and movies will be just the way the director intended you to see them. You’ll be able to distinguish the subtle differences in flesh tones among people and fast action motion in movies and sports will look more natural and be easier on your eyes.

With video calibration services starting at $100 it’s absolutely the best investment you can make to improve the picture quality of your flat panel or projector that’s the centerpiece of your home entertainment system for your family’s year round viewing enjoyment.

Not sure what you need or what’s best for your TV or home theater, then call or email me and I’ll help guide you through the selection process. If you’re a bit skeptical about the value of audio and video calibration or you’d like me to evaluate your TV, music or home theater system, we offer in-home evaluations for $75 and will apply $25 toward Level 2 and above services.

Click on the links below for a complete description of services, options and fees.

Attuned Services offers the following types of package deals, discounts and referral incentives:

  • 15% package price discount for any combination of video and audio calibration
  • 15% discount for existing customers for new video display first calibrations
  • 50% discount for subsequent calibration of same home theater or video display
  • 15% total discount for two new displays calibrated in same location on same day
  • $25 cash reward program for each referral by a customer that results in new calibration and/or consultation services customers.

Audio and Video Calibration Test Equipment and Home Theater Set-up Tools

  • AccuPel HDG-4000 Analog/Digital Video Calibration Generator
  • Quantum Data 780 Analog/Digital Audio and Video Calibration Generator
  • CalMAN Professional 5.1 video calibration software
  • X-Rite EyeOne Pro Spectroradiometer
  • SpectraCal C-6
  • X-Rite Chroma 5 colorimeter
  • XTC Audio Analyzer Pro
  • Electronic Educational Devices – Watts Up? Pro es Watt Meter Power Analyzer Electricity Meter
  • Avia PRO Video Test DVD
  • Avia II Guide to Home Theater
  • Digital Video Essentials Test & Demonstration Materials (HD-DVD & Blu-ray versions)
  • Silicon Optix HQV benchmark DVD and Blu-ray HD editions – Image Quality Assessment Tool
  • Spears & Munsil High Definition Benchmark Blu-ray test and evaluation disc
  • Qtec QVDB-1003 Blu-ray Hi-Definition Reference Disc
  • Munsell 10-step Gray References and Ideal-Lume bias backlight

Like most professional calibrators, I also rely on a wide assortment of DVDs and Blu-ray program material to use as a visual reference to judge the real world performance of your video display before and after a calibration session. I watch a wide variety of standard and high definition programming on a regular basis and most importantly, constantly observe the real world of color and light that is the ultimate reference standard.

As any serious audio hobbyist and music lover knows, critical listening to a music system tells you far more about its performance than specifications and measurements alone. The same is true for video despite all the emphasis on ‘specs’ by manufacturers, retailers and reviewers. The science of imaging is only truly advanced when we realize that there is more to a great looking HDTV than numbers on a graph or chart. Photo-realism and your enjoyment is the ultimate measure.